Full Shield by Daisypins


Shipping Information

If you order today, please be aware that the item is expected to ship from Kraken HQ as soon as MID SEPT/OCT. The Preorder Status Page will have the most up to date information on delivery estimates.

Shield Fully loaded
Ready to Ship
Regular size Height 17.5" width 13" depth 5"
is available in 5 colors!
Blue, Purple, Peach, Black and Aqua

For live video please check us out on you tube https://youtu.be/Y87utjJ_zE4

All options are equipped with 4 inserts and 1 display insert. Size 11x14.75"
All covered in fabric to match your color backpack.
Boards inside are all Kraken foam to provide you with the best hold possible!
You can use these boards as hangable pin boards as well!

Backpack will contain Shoulder strap and a water resistance rain coat!

Pockets and zippers
Behind the front display it contains pen pockets, business card pockets and battery pack pocket. On the side there's a zipper with expandable bottle holder.
Inside compartments: 2 zippers, upper zippers have 3 dividers perfect for pin backs or backer cards.

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