Shield by Daisypins


Shield Backpack with front display only
Regular size Height 17.5" width 13" depth 4"
is available in 5 colors!
Blue, Purple, Peach, Black and Aqua

For live video please check us out on you tube

All options are equipped with 1 display insert. Size 11x14.75"
All covered in fabric to match your color backpack.
Board inside is a Kraken foam to provide you with the best hold possible!
You can use this board as a hangable pin board too!

Backpack will contain Shoulder strap and a water resistance rain coat!

Pockets and zippers:
Behind the front display there are 3 pen pockets, business card pockets and a battery pack pocket. On the side of the backpack there's a zipper with an expandable bottle holder.

Compartments inside the backpack contains a lower pocket zippers and 3 upper dividers, perfect for pin backs or backer cards.

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