KrakenTrade | Pinfolio ( Gopinpro ) Comparison

KrakenTrade creates something that is stylish, and portable for all pin traders alike. The creators are regular pin traders just like you who understand the difficulties of other pin trading solutions. Whether it’s pin trading in Walt Disney World, Disney Land , Sea World, Universal Studios Hollywood or anywhere in between, KrakenTrade has you covered.

  • Holds pins on both sides
  • Features a clear window and an adjustable strap
  • Pages fit in regularly sized binders
  • Heavy duty design with a pop of color
  • Features removable pages for easy swap of traders
  • Comes in a variety of sizes and product options

"PinFolios were created by three children who are avid pin traders and saw the need for an improved and more efficient way to trade and store pins. These "PinPros" ranged from ages 8-13 when they first created PinFolio and are often found trading with Disney cast members and fellow pin traders throughout the parks and resorts."... - more at

  • Eliminates the need for pin backs while trading (simply push pin in foam)
  • Sleek design Dual foam inserts to attach pins
  • Divider to separate traders from "keepers” and prevent scuffs, dents, and scratches
  • Zipper to secure PinFolio closed Easily glides into backpacks or other bags frequently carried on long days spent at the parks
  • Fits up to 100 1 inch pins.

What is KrakenTrade?

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